Yale takes smart step into the future


As Yale celebrates its 175 year history, we look forward to what we can expect from the home security specialist in the next decades to come.

Innovation, technology, security standards and crime rates are all influencing the home security landscape and Yale is at the forefront, leading product development to shape the future home security market. One of the main influences is undoubtedly home automation and the introduction of the smart home.


This has had a huge impact on Yale and in 2016, Yale Smart Living launched, introducing a range of connected home security products that can be controlled remotely by homeowners. This marked a huge turning point for Yale and from here we can see how the company will develop in the future.


Looking back a few decades, the smart home was merely a futuristic concept where ordinary household objects could perform functions via voice command or remote control. Fast forward to today and this idea has become reality, catapulting into the mainstream and in 2016, an estimated 80 million smart devices were sold worldwide. This is only set to increase with the number of connected devices globally expected to reach 26 billion by 2020!


From heating controls to entertainment, the emergence of the smart home has given conventional home appliances a new lease of life and the desire to have all devices centrally controlled via a smartphone app is a trend which is being seen in living rooms nationwide – and home security is no exception.


Research indicates that security is one of the five leading areas of home automation, with 62% of homeowners expecting smart security solutions in their home. This ranges from smart CCTV kits and IP Cameras to view what’s happening in and around a property, alarm systems capable of sending real-time notifications in the event of an intrusion, and smart door locks that can be accessed remotely, granting guests entry from anywhere in the world.


To capture this market, Yale released its Smart Living range to provide homeowners with security they can access remotely. This marked Yale’s future firmly in the connected market and as the industry grows, so will Yale’s superior product offering.


Over the last few years, Yale has been pioneering smart security devices and is at the forefront of innovation. Until recently, connected appliances were perceived to be exclusively for large commercial buildings and luxury homes. Now devices are much more affordable and accessible for the average homeowner, catapulting Smart Living into homes across the world.


One such product area is smart door locking solutions. A smart home should start with a smart door and Yale’s Smart Door Locks provide the freedom to secure homes without the need to carry keys. Open the door in a variety of ways, including via a PIN code, fingerprint reader, remote fob, or even a smartphone using digital keys. Demand for this type of technology is increasing as homeowners recognise the benefits it can bring to day-to-day life. When asked the key functions people expected a smart lock to have, remote opening of the door and the ability to send and revoke digital keys were most requested**.


With certain Yale Smart Door Locks you can send mobile keys to family and friends. Choose to give access for a few weeks or hours - It’s up to you.


As with all Yale devices, a high level of security is expected. The smart door lock range has been developed and designed to include tamper alarms and meet key security standards. Having approved products not only ensures a high manufacturing standard but also gives homeowners confidence in the technology.


The ease of use and convenience of smart devices has also shifted homeowner attitudes. Traditionally, home security is seen as a reactive purchase after an indcident has already occurred. However, the introduction of connected security has shifted purchase patterns to a proactive purchase. This is because connected home security products don’t just provide a simple function, they change your lifestyle and give you peace of mind wherever you are via remote access. This again, highlights the desire for devices that improve daily lives and the direction Yale is headed.


The introduction of the complete smart home will also encourage a market of co-opetition, where competitors work together to offer customers a complete smart system.


This is already witnessed with Yale who has integrated products with brands across the globe from Nest, Philips Hue and Samsung. Devices will be developed with standalone functionality, as well as having the ability to connect to a larger smart home system. This means that homeowners can adopt the technology at their own pace, and don’t necessarily have to invest large sums into a full smart home system for the word go.


This can be done with just Yale products too, creating a complete home security suite. The Yale Home Hub acts as the central communication system that connects to different Yale devices, and allows products to be controlled remotely via an app on your smartphone. The Hub, which is available to purchase separately, acts as the foundation for your home automation system. From there, you can build your smart security system. For example, with the hub, users can choose to install a smart home alarm then add additional accessories such as a Home View camera at a later date.


Kate Clark, Managing Director for Yale EMEA, said: “It’s an exciting time for Yale as we work on designing and developing brand new products to provide homeowners with convenience and peace of mind that their belongings are secure.


“While we continue to strengthen our mechanical offering which is the backbone of the brand, we recognise that the market is changing and hope to grow our Smart Living offering. The industry requires innovation in order to maintain relevance and that’s what we’re aiming to do at Yale with some exciting product developments for the years to come.”


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