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As we look forward to spending more time outside in our gardens this summer, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in outdoor security products to protect what matters most.

Increasingly homeowners are storing expensive tools and equipment in garden sheds and outbuildings, which can be worth several hundred euros. What’s more, these tools can also be used to aid a break-in so it’s important that these are locked up securely. Traditionally, most sheds are supplied with minimal or no door security, so at Yale we strongly recommended considering simple security solutions that can deter any would-be thieves and high security, weather-proof padlocks are an ideal solution.


Yale offers a wide range of padlocks to suit all your home security needs and has been sold in Africa for the last century. Celebrating a rich heritage, today, Yale products are fondly known as ‘the world’s favourite lock’ and this is no different for padlocks, where the extensive range is known for its superior quality providing homeowners with added peace of mind.


Thanks to years of product innovation and responding to the changing needs of the homeowner, Yale has a padlock to suit every purpose. From general usage padlocks with a strength guide of 1-3 for toolboxes and lockers, to weather-proof heavy duty padlocks with a 4-6 strength guide and extreme condition padlocks with a 7-10 rating.


Kate Clark, Managing Director for Yale EMEA, said “The padlock has become the backbone of the Yale brand and is an instantly recognisable product all over the world. As we celebrate our 175th birthday this year, it’s clear to see that our padlock design has stood the test of time and, as one of the oldest brands in the home security market, padlocks embossed with the Yale logo highlight the trust and quality associated with the product.”


It’s not just outdoor security where Yale padlocks can provide that added reassurance either, the range also includes luggage locks, marine grade and novelty padlocks, all developed against the backdrop of 175 years experience, by one of the World’s most recognised brands.


To find out more on the full range of padlocks available from Yale click here.

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