The keyless digital locking concept

You've been using it for years with your car, so why not with your front door too?

With a click of a button you could quickly gain access to your home... CLEVER STUFF. Yale has spotted these lifestyle shifts and has started striving for a range of keyless solutions:

  • no more forgotten keys
  • no more lost keys
  • no need for spare keys
  • no more cutting keys for visitors
  • no need to carry a key
  • no more rummaging in your bag…

Lots of electronic products are used in every day life such as mobile phone, computer, flat LCD television…, both at home and in the office, so why not add this simple clever convenient locking solution for your own door?

Digital Door locks ultimately are at the heart of the future door market. People in all walks of life; families, gadget lovers, elderly home owners or land lords are all after one thing – a convenient solution.

Keyless convenience combines piece of mind and access that allows you to safeguard and protect your property without a key..

The digital evolution has begun... are you ready for the change?

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