Mortise Digital Door Locks

Unlock your life with the latest technology with the collection of Yale Digital mortise locks. With these electronic door ocks you are no longer constrained and made to use traditional mechanical keys. Now, be free to go out without your keys and simply remember a short pin code or use other credential options available.

Now you can choose to use the secure electronic key, a remote control or PIN keypad for a completely keyless solution.

Gradually Yale is incorporating new technologies into our solutions – such as electronic locking for homes, wireless technologies and other high tech systems. One of the brands newest categories is Digital Door Locks.

While the residential market becomes more and more focused on convenience, Yale has developed a range of easy to operate, smart locks that keep the home owner safe and secure without a key.

Yale presents a range of digital mortise locks including both the YDM4109 and the YDM3109. These products encompass everything that Yale stands for; design integrity, freedom, convenience and above all innovation. This is why Yale can proudly say that it is still the world’s favorite lock since 1843, a whole 170 years on.

The YDM4109 host an array of features including scramble codes, anti panic safe handle, mechanical key override, voice guide features and even break in damage sensors which is applicable for residential applications. These mortise locks sit alongside other products that are available in the Digital Door Lock range for both residential and light commercial applications.

The YMD4109 can be operated with 2 types of credentials: finger print, PIN code, and also features mechanical key override. These innovative features alongside one touch fingerprint verification and the automatic locking help make this product cutting edge in its field.

These products use no keys and give you no hassle, no fuss – all you need is a PIN number and your ready to start your key free existance!

These products introduce a smarter solutin with credentials including:

  • High tech proximity cards
  • Remote control
  • RFID
  • Key pad

Not only this by these solutions come with an array of features including scramble codes, anti panic safe handle, mechanical key over ride, heat sensor, voice guide features, automatci lock mode and even break in damage sensors too.

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