Discover the benefits

Easy and convenient.

Yale Digital locks let you unlock your front door by entering a simple code.


No need to carry a key.

Sometimes you don't want to carry a key around - particularly if you lead an active lifestyle. Whether coming home from a run or walking the dog, just type in a pin code for quick, hassle-free access.

keyfree texting

No more forgotten keys.

Do your children always forget their keys? Pin code access ensures this problem is eliminated and, if they forget the code, you can simply text it to them

keyfree relative

No need for spare keys.

Whether it's a cleaner, a nurse or just a trusted neighbour - Keyfree saves all the hassle and expense of getting spare keys cut by letting you give them access with a seperate visitor code.

keyfree key

No more hanging around.

Your remote control makes Keyfree quick and easy to use. No more fiddly keys or scratched doors - just unlock your door with one quick press of a button.