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Connected solutions


The connected home give home owners the utlimate convenience when protecting and securing their possessions. It allows multiple products and interfaces to work in harmony whilst also giving a user a fully integrated security system to fit with home owners increasingly busy lives.

Yale has recently introduced an extensive range of connected digital door locks that integrate with both the Yale intercom as well as the Yale alarm systems creating a completely compatible home security system.

The Yale products can now integrate with 3rd party home automation solutions allowing home owners to seamlessly add convenient security accessories to their existing systems.

Integrating security into the smart home brings many benefits including the ability to remotely lock or unlock your door as well as being able to generate an audit trail of who and when people have entered your home.

Consider the peace of mind of knowing that your children have arrived home from school safely. By utilising the latest technology all of these benefits can be realised whilst also being controlled at the touch of a button.